About me

I'm historian and military and urban explorer with more than 6 years of experience of exploring russian, soviet and german military and industrial heritage in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Poland. Objects include missile silos, coastal defense cannon batteries, anti aircraft cannon batteries, anti aircraft missile sites, fortification, underground shelters, tunnels and although ordinary tourism objects - museums, castles, nature objects and more.

High sense of responsibility, profound knowledge of military installations, humor and warm-hearted attitude towards my guests and clients are most important merits in my job. It will be my pleasure to show you all the main sights in Liepaja Naval Port Area, Liepaja Fortress or arrange a tour to show you former Soviet Union military sites in Kurzeme and Latvia.

Seasonally I work in Liepaja tourism Information center so I can help to find best accomodation for you.

Fully flexible

This will be your private and personalised sightseeing tour to suit your tempo and interests. Changes to the day's plan, according to the options available, can be accommodated to suit your requirements.


I have studied in "Tourism and recreation organization" studies and graduated as "Incoming tourism specialist" 


If you are interested in visiting Former Soviet Union Military Sites, arrangements can be made to visit them. Since these military sites are located in the countryside, arrangements for transportation will be needed.
For further information on Specialized Guide Services for Excursions to:
  • Liepāja Fortifications and their many Tunnels  
  • Karosta Naval Port Area
  • Former Soviet Union Military Sites
Andis Sepers - Certified Incoming Tourism Specialist and your private guide for Liepāja Karosta Area and Former Soviet Union Military Sites in Liepaja, Kurzeme and Latvia
Languages Spoken: Latvian, English, Russian
Tel: +371 26412882
Skype: liepajanavalporttours
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