Diggers.lv was founded last year autumn. It all started when [mr.dynamite] created group of same way thinking young people into social network site draugiem.lv. At the first time there were only three group members – Andis, Sintija and Anete. A wee bit later they made their own internet site where all interested can read about their trips and advice, and discuss in the forum. Their first trips was around and in the Liepāja city , but later started to explore all Latvian territory with former soviet missile bases and other military and industrial objects

Most of members are from Liepaja. There were persons who wanted to join Diggers team, but remained only those who are really interested in it. Diggers prefer to explore military objects because they’re interested in history and former Soviet Union’s military bases and their affect on environment. They research old maps to find military objects that could be extant nowadays. Sometimes Diggers activities are slightly illegal or risky. In military objects it’s possible to harm with radioactivity, hazardous waste, even blind shell. There’s a risk to have injuries – it’s not like a hiking in park! Anyway, diggers are enthusiasts and they will go on exploring places that they’re interested in. One member, Mr. NighttraiN, said: “It is a lifestyle and something like addiction. For example, you can’t go to gather mushrooms without paying attention to strange buildings, constructins or higher hills around in the wood, and when looking at the map, all undefined areas and interesting symbols, are more interesting than destination points”,

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